The Leafy Green Guidance documents (Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Production and Harvest of Lettuce and Leafy Greens) utilized by the California and Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreements (LGMA’s) were developed by university researchers, industry scientists, food safety experts, farmers, shippers and processors. These documents serve to establish a distinguished and instructive system for leafy green growers in California and Arizona.

The improvement and continual incorporation of new science and information is crucial in ensuring the Leafy Green Guidance is clear, practical, and implementable for industry members. Western Growers has and continues to play a key role in facilitating the maintenance of Leafy Green Guidance documents. Our commitment is to support the ongoing improvement and upkeep of these documents.

WG’s desire is to be responsive to both members and LGMA leadership and as open and accessible to industry as possible. Our overarching goal is to provide mindful guidance based on established science and risk assessments, verifiable in the field, and practical for growers and handlers.

WG’s efforts to improve the LGMA approved guidelines include:

 Collecting, gathering and revising comments and suggestions submitted via email, via this website or by phone
 Facilitating numerous industry meetings in varying areas of California and Arizona
 Hosting and summarizing discussions to review proposed changes and comments.
 Working with several experts and both the Arizona and California LGMA staff to complete this leafy green guidelines
amendment process.

These efforts have evolved over time and continue to adjust to continuous change. Through facilitating the sustenance of the leafy green guidance documents, Western Growers has adjusted efforts in order to be more intuitive, accessible and transparent. We welcome your comments, questions and feedback on this website and throughout the amendment process.

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