Proposed amendments to the LGMA metrics now available

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Sept. 22 was Western Grower’s deadline to submit proposed amendments to the leafy green industry guidance document commonly known as “LGMA metrics.”

Western Growers has received 30 proposed amendments from 5 different parties. Input or comments on proposed amendments may be submitted before or during an upcoming webinar to be announced. Results of this webinar will be presented to the LGMA Technical Committees in Arizona and California.

All the proposals/comments received by Western Growers can be accessed below

Arizona GAPS - metrics 08 01 2011 (All Proposed Amendments).pdf656.13 KB
California GAPs - metrics 0722011 (All Proposed Amendments).pdf656.48 KB
Appendix Z Resource Agency Contacts (Comments).pdf259.7 KB
Appendix B Technical basis (Comments).pdf50.41 KB
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