January 2012 Update on the LGMA guidelines

• Six amendments to the LGMA leafy green guidelines were accepted
The Arizona LGMA Technical Subcommittee and the California LGMA Technical Committee reviewed the 17 proposals presented as a result of this vetting process during their meetings on January 10th and January 18th, respectively. Of these proposals, six were recommended for consideration as official amendments (please see attached document). Western Growers should be announcing a new comment period sometime in February.

• California LGMA guidelines have been updated
Last Friday, the California LGMA made available an updated version of the guidelines containing the six accepted amendments presented through this process. In addition, Western Growers is making available an updated Spanish version of these guidelines. Click below to access the guidelines and Spanish version.

• Arizona LGMA guidelines to be updated
Final confirmation of this six accepted amendments for Arizona is expected sometime in July.

California GAPs - metrics 012012.pdf518.39 KB
California Leafy Greens GAPs Enero 2012 Spanish.pdf616.22 KB
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