Feedback on proposed changes due May 18, 2012

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From March 06, 2012 to April 6, 2012 Western Growers was asking for proposed changes to Issues 13 & 14 of the document ( Production Locations). This period closed without proposed changes related to these sections. However, a previous idea in a different section was resubmitted for consideration. This proposed change was accepted by the Arizona LGMA in a previous period, but was not accepted by the California LGMA. The attached document contains language to include “green waste” under soil amendments adding two new definitions to provide clarification (these definitions are not currently included in the Arizona LGMA guidance document).

Feedback on the attached document (underlined language reflects new language and strikethrough reflects deleted language) can be sent by May 18th by email or fax to Sonia Salas ( or through this website. Considering only one idea is proposed (pages 3, 5, 24, 26 & 31) and also depending on the feedback received, a webinar may not be necessary. These proposed changes may be presented as proposed at the next California and Arizona LGMA meetings for consideration.

California GAPs - metrics 012012 (Comment Period ending 4-06-12).pdf608.46 KB
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