January 8th Webinar Materials

On January 8, 2016, Western Growers hosted a webinar to share proposed changes to the LGMA Accepted metrics to address heavy metals in soils. This webinar was meant to encourage an online discussion about potential changes to the LGMA-accepted metrics related to cadmium. Below are the documents that were discussed during this webinar.

Please contact Hank Giclas at hgiclas@wga.com or Sonia Salas at ssalas@wga.com with any questions or comments related to this webinar and documents.

California LGMA metrics 08 26 13 Excerpts (draft cadmium language).pdf177.79 KB
CD Decision Tree - DRAFT.pdf122.9 KB
DRAFT Guidance for Developing Best Management Practices to Reduce Cadmium Uptake by Spinach.pdf338.21 KB
DRAFT Guidance for Soil Sampling and Analysis.pdf197.44 KB
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