Updated LGMA documents in California

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Western Growers hosted a webinar early in January 2016 and also presented proposed changes to the leafy green metrics to the California LGMA Technical Committee on January 12th and the Arizona LGMA Technical Subcommittee on January 25th. During the Arizona and California LGMA leadership meeting hosted on January 29, these proposed changes were considered/approved in California only. Arizona will consider/discuss them later this year. Best practices related to the management of cadmium in spinach fields are effective now in California, audits to verify them will start on April 1st. The updated documents can be accessed below.

California LGMA metrics 01 29 16 Final.pdf611.73 KB
Soil Fertility Decision Tree.pdf1.87 MB
Appendix X - Guidance for soil collection for cadmium analysis.pdf177.42 KB
Appendix Y - Guidance for Developing Best Management Practices to Reduce Cadmium Uptake by Spinach.pdf328.59 KB
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