Proposed water metrics for LGMA consideration

On February 28, 2019, Western Growers hosted a webinar related to ongoing work that addresses the use of water in agricultural settings. This webinar is part of the Western Growers amendment process that facilitates potential changes to the leafy green food safety guidelines utilized by the California and Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreements (LGMAs). A copy of the presentation slides and webinar recording can be accessed below.

In addition, if you are interested in providing any comments on the draft proposal under discussion, please submit them online or via email at by March 5, 2019. Thank you for interest and constructive feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions, we ask that you please include an explanation, rationale or background and/or scientific information to support your point (if applicable or available).

Webinar Recording URL:

Ag water metric revisions_Presentation 02-28-19.pdf2.1 MB
190228 Current Working DRAFT_Water metrics_Decision tree revisions_v8_CLEAN.pdf599.78 KB


Total Coliforms

Total Coliforms should only be used as a method of validating if your water treatment works samples should be collected prior to the water treatment system and then after the water treatment system.

How many samples should be stated in growers SOP with regards to water treatment or a standard should be set up by the LGMA.

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