Water Metrics for LGMA consideration

Western Growers has received feedback on a current proposal that includes changes to the water section of these guidelines. We thank those of you who attended our February 28th webinar on this topic and/or have provided comments on this proposal.

We have revised this proposal to address feedback received from different stakeholders, including: growers, handlers, regulators and academics. This revised proposal is now embedded in tracked changes as part of the LGMA guidelines for easier review. This proposal will be formally presented on Monday, March 25, 2019 to the California LGMA Technical Committee for consideration. This timeline works for the Arizona and California LGMAs formal process to assess and/or approve proposed changes this year. Below are copies of the California and Arizona LGMA guidelines including this proposal in tracked changes.

190322 Current DRAFT Arizona GAPS_dated 09-14-18_includes proposed water....doc886.5 KB
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