Western Growers Amendment Process 2020

Since the inception of the California and Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreements (LGMAs), Western Growers (WG) has led efforts to continuously improve the food safety practices and metrics used in the LGMA programs in both states. WG remains committed to driving the evolution of guidance for preventive food safety programs in leafy greens as well as other commodities.

To facilitate this process and ensure broad industry engagement and complete transparency, WG is working directly with the Arizona and California LGMAs to manage a systematic amendment process based on a yearly calendar. The guidelines adopted by the LGMAs impact the way leafy greens are farmed in California and Arizona and therefore must be based on credible science and balanced with practical considerations in the field.

On January 9th, 2020, WG released the 2020 calendar used to facilitate changes to the LGMA-approved leafy green food safety guidelines.

Proposed changes must meet LGMA criteria to be considered. Proposals should be 1) comprehensive, auditable by government auditors, 2) accompanied by a statement on how proposed changes will enhance food safety, and 3) include a clear and straightforward scientific basis or rationale, including citations of relevant research if available.

WG invites all stakeholders interested in leafy greens food safety practices to engage in this process.

About WG’s Amendment Process
WG plays a key role in maintaining the LGMA-approved leafy green guidance documents and our commitment is to support the ongoing improvement of these documents. WG engages a comprehensive distribution list that includes growers, shippers, handlers, suppliers, academia, government, trade associations and other stakeholders interested in this process.

To be added or removed from this list, contact Scott Nichols at snichols@wga.com.

About the 2020-21 Calendar
WG is committed to a clear, open, accessible and transparent process that engages diverse stakeholders in a systematic process to incorporate new science and learnings based on evolving industry insight amid events such as outbreaks and recalls.

WG maintains a master calendar to facilitate routine discussions that will ensure continuous improvement in the leafy greens food safety preventive practices utilized by the LGMAs. In 2020, the first topics for review will include water, equipment and sanitation.

Access the 2020 - 2021 calendar attached below.

Master Calendar 1-6-20.pdf658.16 KB
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