Updated LGMA documents in California

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Western Growers hosted a webinar early in January 2016 and also presented proposed changes to the leafy green metrics to the California LGMA Technical Committee on January 12th and the Arizona LGMA Technical Subcommittee on January 25th. During the Arizona and California LGMA leadership meeting hosted on January 29, these proposed changes were considered/approved in California only. Arizona will consider/discuss them later this year. Best practices related to the management of cadmium in spinach fields are effective now in California, audits to verify them will start on April 1st.

Comment period opens March 20, 2015, closes April 24, 2015

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WG is gathering proposed changes related to 7 of the 15 issues included in the leafy green guidance document during a comment period. This comment period opened March 20, 2015 and will close April 24, 2015. Comments may be submitted by email at, by fax at 949-809-6251 or online.

New Comment Period Opens February 1, 2013

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Fri, 02/01/2013 (All day) - Fri, 03/01/2013 (All day)

WG is asking for proposed changes to Issues 13 & 14 of the document ( Production Locations) from February 1, 2013 to March 1, 2013. Attached is a word version of these sections. Proposed changes may be tracked in this document and submitted by email at or by fax at 949-809-6251.

Final decisions on changes to the metrics have been made by the LGMAs in Arizona and California

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12 proposed changes were recommended through WG’s amendment process. Of these, 7 were accepted by the Arizona LGMA Technical Subcommittee and 6 by the California LGMA Technical Committee Only these accepted changes were considered by the California LGMA Advisory Board and the Arizona LGMA Marketing Committee on July 22nd and July 26th respectively. As result of these meetings, final decision have been made and are included below each of the 7 proposed changes. Please see summary below for details.

LGMA technical groups in Arizona and California accepted changes to the metrics

Recommended changes to the metrics as a result of WG’s amendment process were discussed by LGMA technical groups on June 22nd and July 12th. Of the 12 recommended changes to the leafy green guidelines document, 6 were accepted in Arizona and 5 in California by the Arizona LGMA Technical Subcommittee and the California LGMA Technical Committee respectively. Accepted changes by these committees must go before the Arizona LGMA Marketing Committee and the California LGMA Advisory Board respectively for approval in their upcoming meetings.

April 19th Webinar

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Tue, 04/19/2011 (All day)

This web discussion is aimed at presenting/explaining currently proposed amendments to the guidelines documents (leafy green metrics) utilzed by the Leafy Green Marketing Agreements (LGMA) in Arizona and California. This webinar is the last opportunity within the WG’s process to provide any comments or feedback about all the currently proposed amendments. After this webinar, a summary of the discussion along proposed amendments and comments will be sent to the technical groups of the LGMA in Arizona and California for consideration.

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