Who can participate in the amendment process?

WG is committed to a clear, open, accessible and transparent amendment process that systematically incorporates new science and learnings based on evolving industry insight amid events such as outbreaks and recalls.

The amendment process reaches across diverse stakeholder groups including growers, shippers, handlers, suppliers, academia, government, trade associations and others interested in keeping food safety practices and metrics aligned with current research findings.

To be added or removed from this list, please contact us or email WGSciTech@wga.com.

How do I submit proposed changes or comments to the leafy green metrics?

WG facilitates the review process of the leafy green food safety metrics periodically. Submit proposed changes, suggestions and comments online via this website or email. If you are interested in participating or receiving updates regarding this process, please contact us or email WGSciTech@wga.com..

How can I get involved?

  1. Stay Informed
    Receive updates and other news related to the leafy green guidelines, comment periods, web discussions and key LGMA meetings by joining our mailing list. To subscribe, please contact us or email WGSciTech@wga.com.. Updates will also be posted on this website.
  2. Check Our Master Calendar
    For timelines on upcoming events and discussions.
  3. Submit Comments
    Unless otherwise specified, comments will be considered during established comment periods.
  4. Participate
    Provide input during upcoming web discussions and before any proposals are submitted to the LGMA groups in Arizona and California.

What is WG’s role in this process?

WG acts as facilitator of this process by reviewing proposed changes, vetting proposals, coordinating discussions, summarizing and presenting the outcomes of this process to the Arizona and California LGMAs for consideration.

WG also plays a role in updating the “Arizona & California Leafy Greens Guidelines.” WG is in periodic communication with both LGMA groups and provides updates periodically based on a published schedule.

The following chart summarizes the process and steps from the moment a comment period opens to the moment a proposed change is officially rejected or accepted and included in the Leafy Green Guidelines and Audit Checklist.

To participate in this process or if you have any suggestions and comments, email WGSciTech@wga.com or contact us via the website.

Please send comments, questions and feedback about this website and/or the WGA’s amendment process to the WGA’s Science & Technology Team.

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