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The 2020-21 Calendar

Western Growers supports the continuous improvement of the LGMA-approved leafy green food safety guidelines. Western Growers maintains a Master Calendar to facilitate a systematic amendment process. On January 9, 2020 Western Growers published the 2020-2021 calendar. This year the first topics for review include agricultural water and field sanitation.

While Western Growers publishes a Master Calendar to facilitate an organized review of the complete LGMA-approved leafy green food safety guidelines. stakeholders are free to leave comments and propose changes on any area of the document even if it is not currently being reviewed.

Notable Dates:


  • Propose a Change
    • Soil Amendments – TBD
    • CAFOs – TBD
    • Other Sections – TBD

Participate in the Process

If you are interested in proposing changes to the Soil Amendments section, follow these steps:

1. Download either the CA or AZ Soil Amendment working drafts.

2. Use the Word function “Track Changes” to outline your revisions throughout the document. (If you are new to tracking changes, click here to review a guide.)

3. Use the Word function “New Comment” to provide details on how the proposed change will enhance food safety, along with the rationale behind the change.

To view an example of steps 2 and 3, click here. In this example, revisions are tracked within the document and a statement on how the proposed revision enhances food safety along with the rationale for the change are provided through the Word function “Comments” in the right-hand panel.

4. When you are ready to submit your document, click on “Propose a Change”.

Note: We are only accepting proposals that follow the above steps. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at WGScience@wga.com.

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